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  • We're A-Grade I.T Consultants

    We provide magnificent Strategic IT consulting, ranging from pure advice to total implementation. Done.
  • We're Web Developers & Software Engineers

    We develop complex websites, mobile apps, desktop software, and more. We have numerous client projects under our belt, ranging from tiny applications to large and intensive GPS Truck Delivery Routing Software.
  • We are Great Value

    Know you're being taken for a ride, but you cant quite "prove" it?

    Auroand has a history of providing excellence and great value. The only ride you'll take is exploring your new systems and high-fives from happy staff. Contact us.
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A bit about us...

Auroand is a Information Technology services and solutions group based in Adelaide, Australia. It was originally started in 2004 by a group of young IT professionals and has since matured into a cutting-edge consulting group that specialises in doing things no one else genuinely can.

We provide strategic IT consulting to maximise sales, or decrease costs, and can also provide strategies to gain a market edge in your industry.

Auroand's portfolio also includes tailored, high-quality, effective software and web solutions that consistently exceed clients' expectations.

Due to our vast skillset, we have a host of reliable business contacts. Nothing is too complex for us to handle, nothing is Impossible.

Auroand solutions are always high-quality.

Feel free to roam about the site to get a better feel for what we do, and how we can help you.

Or, simply contact us to enquire about how we can help your business.