Looking for a Wordpress site or shopping cart? We can't help, sorry.

We Handle the Extreme, only.

Have a Complex website or system that needs to talk to a ancient legacy system?

Are you Going to War with a strong competitor?

Need a Custom Solution designed to Save Costs or Grow Sales?

We might be able to help you...

Provide us with as much or as little information as you want and we can start reviewing what things would work fantastically for your business scenario.

Once we get the key points down, we discuss plenty of options on how to go about bringing things into reality, next steps, and initial idea of time investment. This process is free, and without obligation. We sit with you and talk through it all.

But ask yourself something first:

What do I want said Website / Intranet app / Software product for?

Is your answer:

a. Our competitor(s) have one
b. Save on costs (automation, centralised work environment or access to information)
c. We would like to generate leads and sales and create awareness
d. We want to open a marketing channel and directly sell to customers
Or simply something very specific to your particular requirements

Auroand designs Intranets, Custom Systems, and Websites
    with Four Core Purposes:

1. If its public, to attract and keep visitors on your website
2. Maximise usable data for future reporting (both private and public systems)
3. Achieve specific business goals. Cost savings, efficiency etc.
4. Use the best available IT strategy to maximise its efficiency and minimise future cost

We're a little different than most

We could go on about how we can create an incredibly pretty and aesthetically pleasing websites for you, but we know you aren't Todd the eager teenager, starting up a business, with 5 dollars to his name. I mean, look at this website.

Did you know, we started receiving about 23% more enquiries after we uglified this website? Oh yes. It was actually very sheek before - but we run a business - so if ugly works, thats what we use. Although, thankfully we have access to fantastic design talent for your solution.

You're smart, we're smart. Let's talk about what you are after, and why we are uniquely set to provide the solution.

Auroand looks at and actively engages all areas of web development and design as a business with ROI expectations - and not as an art project.

Call or Email Us Now to learn more about our skills, experience, what we do and how we can help your business - Obligation free.