A Good IT Consultant is Hard to find!
A Great One is Almost Impossible.

...but we know a guy.

Meet Andrew

Over a decade of direct experience in the big bad cold world as an IT business owner, and years of experience with almost every technology imaginable... PBX systems, databases, mobile apps, CRM's, Sharepoint systems, COBOL (a programming language from 1960)... are just the tip of the iceberg.

Andrew's uncanny ability to cut through I.T. muppetry and get direct results has put him in high demand. "I'm having to decline offers more often than I'd like" - Andrew

Are you Tired of Consultants who are Really Just Glorified Employees
that lack Harsh Real-World IT Business Experience?

Is your Scenario too Important to Assign to Just Anyone?

  • Is Cost-Effectiveness, Reliability, minimal staff training, and future-proofing, important to you?
  • Are Executives or Board inkling discontent at your existing setup?
  • Are Microsoft sales pitches and "My management friend at XYZ" no longer an acceptable way to gauge technology solutions?
  • Do you need Laser-Guided Advice or Implementation Done Right?


You Need Andrew.

Keep answering...

  • Does your business need to Lift it's Game because your competition has?
  • Are staff Spending Too Much Time on manual processes that could be Simplified or Automated, Saving your company massive costs?
  • Have you acquired or merged with a company or in a situation where
    your IT systems are a general Train Wreck?
  • Perhaps in general, people are a little fed up?

Whatever the reason, stop wasting time, contact Andrew now.

Talk for ten minutes on the phone, explain your scenario, and what you are hoping to achieve. It's Free. You can bet you will get a few cunning ideas straight off the bat if you are nice!

Our Strategic IT Consulting Always Focuses on the following:

  • A Cleverly designed packaged solution that is a trade-off between being Cost-Effective and being Easy to Deal with in future - factoring in your preferences
  • Should Improve staff morale - or must minimise any initial negative impact
  • Makes your company money (if sales related), or saves it money (operations related)
  • Your company needs to be delighted and impressed with the final solution


Are your existing Experts Not Providing Satisfactory Advice or Outcomes?

Most IT Consultants, including engineers, solution architects, general consultants, and IT sales people, have a very limited scope of experience and cannot honestly give you great advice.

It is this (combined with their natural priority being their own sales, and not your company) that generates mediocore, high-cost, upsetting results and a poor experience for staff - but you did hire them so it falls on you.

The truly deep-down nerdy level of IT world is, make no mistake, very complex, and will eat you and your company's bank account rapidly if you are not vigilant. You want the guy who has come back out alive. Not the guy who can tell you about it based on recommendations from friends, or Google.

"When you run your own business, and its 'your' money, you learn very quickly to train yourself to not to fluff around with IT, few people have this school of hard-knocks training" - Andrew

His uncanny senses can detect resource wastage, one part in sixteen billion.

Becoming a great IT consulting strategist takes more than working on one programming language, or designing a database or project managing a few systems. It requires a literally unheard of scope of skills - and that requires endless years of disciplined, relentless attack. It's not easy.

Auroand out-performs other IT service providers because our team understands IT exists to solve business problems. Other Providers can't match this because of:

  • Their experience in meetings with big words, but little actual IT-to-Business experience
  • Repeat-poor choices of technology stacks for you - discovered long after payment and delivery
  • Bad, frustrating, or slow user experience (and therefore lower performance and staff morale)
  • Unknown-to-all high ongoing costs due to poor implementation or constant bugs and problems
  • Future difficulty in upgrading or changing the solution due to complexity and little support
  • And eight bullet points more.

Whether you are a switched on IT Manager of a twenty person company or CIO of a 500+ operation - or perhaps you barely know how to use email - you are smart enough to know you can't know it all - and you have come to the right place.

Something needs to be fixed or built, and you need a serious, genuine, no-nonsense expert to cut through fluff and directly tell you the reality of where the company you work for is at with its current IT processes, and deliver the information you need to achieve company goals and KPI's.

Once you finish your quick chat you will just know you are talking to a real gun who can do seriously great things for your business.

So stop wasting time with bad advice and in-the-dark decision making and give this man a call now to see if you both fit and if he can help - and then organise a meeting.

You can opt for just pure consulting, and/or execution and implementation. The choice is yours.

Call or Email Us Now to learn more about our skills, experience, what we do and how we can help your business - Obligation free.