Did you know our staff are Google certified advertisers?

We have staff professionally recognised by Google for their web marketing and Pay-Per-Click skills

Need someone to advertise your website and business online?

Never before has a business been able to so easily, fully and completely measure performance of it's marketing channels, than on the world wide web.

Internet Marketing has become the most cost-effective advertising medium in the world, after word-of-mouth.

Most Web Sites Get Zero Customers

However the truth of the matter is most websites get almost no visitors to their websites. No visitors = no business. Clearly web marketing is a critical area of any website or online business, and this area deserves it's fair share of time and effort.

Very, very few people will ever reach your website if you don't advertise and market it regularly - and effectively.

Auroand have experts available to effectively market your website and business on the Internet with reporting to suit your requirements.

We take full advantage of the different Pay Per Click Advertising sources such as Facebook, Bing AdCenter and Google Adwords, to help bring buyers to your website.

We also employ expert Copy Writers to help guide your landing pages.

Auroand offers completely tailored solutions and we are flexible with our only requirement being you need to have a monthly advertising budget of at least $10,000AUD.

Please contact us for pricing and further information.